Automation in iGaming: Easing Operational Pains and Improving Player Experience

The transformative effect of automation on online casino operations is undeniable, from personalization and customer service to marketing and promotions. While automation takes on different forms, at its core, the main objective is to create a self-sufficient system — sans human labor — that takes care of repetitive tasks, interactions that require instant responses or to avoid human error altogether. Gaming platform and white-label solutions provider The Mill Adventure, no stranger to leveraging intelligent technologies for iGaming, dives deeper into the benefits of automation as applied to some essential aspects of running an online casino.


Streamlined CRM through Automated Player Journey

A key part of any engagement strategy is a foolproof multichannel communication that covers every customer touchpoint and gives them exactly what they want when they want it. That is why, The Mill Adventure creates an automated player journey for their partners, which covers the entire lifecycle of a user, from onboarding new players to reinvigorating inactive ones. The goal is to provide a fully automated customer relationship management (CRM) solution that requires little to no effort and is ready to launch — solving the familiar operational headache of creating and setting up a CRM strategy. This includes newsletter campaigns which can be further utilized to guide players towards specific actions, such as making their first deposit or trying a new game, in exchange for offers such as bonuses and free spins. Each send-out includes A/B testing, each with its own key performance indicator (KPI) to measure success. The end results include a more efficient interaction with each player every step of the way, a better overview of which messages and offers resonates the best with them, and ultimately, an increased retention and lifetime value of players.


Security and Efficiency First: Automated Withdrawals

The effort to capture players’ interest doesn’t stop at getting them to participate in promotions and or to deposit in your online casino. Providing players with a high-quality experience also includes another crucial event — withdrawal. This can be one of the key deciding factors for players to choose your online casino over a competitor and vice versa. In short, a tedious withdrawal process can put off players from remaining with your brand.

Given this scenario, The Mill Adventure had two main considerations when creating an automated withdrawal system for their partners: security and ease of use.

Bianca Costa, Head of Risk, Fraud & Payments at The Mill Adventure, explains, “The insight behind this is simple: the longer you allow a player to wait to get their winnings, the higher the chances are of losing them to another casino; at the same time, you also want to safeguard your brand against potential risks like fraud. It can be challenging to accomplish one without sacrificing the other.  This is why we created a two-phase system that tackles both issues.”

The Mill Adventure’s two-phase system works as follows: First off, as soon a player requests a withdrawal, the platform collects a pre-determined number of metrics for analysis. Then, once the analysis is complete, the platform matches this with the configured automated withdrawal rule sets. Once the rule set matches, the withdrawal will be approved automatically, or after a potentially configured freeze period. There are various configured rule sets for different brands based on different parameters, such as the amount, anti-money laundering (AML) risk levels, Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, closed-loop policy, customer registered country, and more. As such, all transactions that tick all the boxes would be automatically processed, while the other withdrawals are sent for a manual review. Through this low-effort and automated system, online casinos can sustain top services for their players while minimizing resources, risks, and the challenges of a potentially complicated process.


What’s Next for Automation

Having introduced the advancement of AI-based personalization through automation, via their SmartLobbies, and now, the applications of automation on CRM and payment systems, The Mill Adventure proves that there is still a lot of exciting opportunities to explore when it comes to this technology. Automation is expected to play an even bigger role in the coming years when it comes to the development of the iGaming industry, such as in creating new service offers, protection of users, enhancing customer experiences, and more.