Compliance and Innovation: TMA’s Adaptability to Regulated Markets

With gambling regulations around the globe in constant shift — from countries passing new legislations to others refining existing ones — anticipating, understanding, and complying with regulators changes can be challenging for businesses, especially online casino operators. Find out how iGaming platform and white-label provider The Mill Adventure, helps partners and clients navigate, mitigate risks, and find opportunities for growth in the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Building a Platform with Compliance in Mind

The Mill Adventure may have been generating buzz with its impressive AI-driven SmartLobbies that offers a fully automated and personalized casino lobby — but smart and stylish innovations are not the only factors that went into the foundation of the start-up in 2019. While for some, the theme of compliance and how to embed it into various aspects of their processes may just be emerging or ongoing, The Mill Adventure, from the get-go, has built their iGaming platform with compliance in mind.

“Our platform was built from the ground up with the consideration of multiple jurisdictions as part of its DNA, so to speak,” explains João Dias, Chief Architect at The Mill Adventure.With constant regulatory changes occurring in markets throughout the world, it was important for us to lay the groundwork so that we can support new jurisdictions with less work, get certified faster, and have quicker go-to-market times. We went live with MGA and SGA from day 1 which also involved the migration of hundreds of thousands of users in these jurisdictions without any issues reported.”

Adapting to New Standards and Requirements

Considering that the weight of regulatory standards can range from light to heavy, with the tendency to tighten over time, having a proactive and versatile approach can help in assessing impact, determining risks such as the costs of compliance, and exploring how to leverage current opportunities such as reducing barriers to entry. This approach underpins The Mill Adventure’s platform. Serverless and event-based, it’s designed to enable change and adaptability. Instead of “dirty patching,” the platform extends functionality, making it robust enough to scale dynamically, in line with the technical changes and legislation shifts that shape and define operations. The Mill Adventure also keeps its eyes on the market — making sure that it monitors regulatory changes, understands how the existing ones are being enforced, and above all, that there is no oversight when it comes to compliance.

Giving Operators and Customers Confidence

The scope and specific requirements may vary in each market and over time, but some of the core principles to comply with when it comes to regulated markets involve factors such as social responsibility, technical standards, marketing and promotions, gaming standards and fairness, financial protocols, and overall business practices. Taking into consideration these varying requirements, for The Mill Adventure, strong compliance management also means enabling confidence in their clients and partners to take on regulatory responsibilities and expand their operations while ensuring a remarkably safe and exceptional iGaming experience to their players. That is why, in terms of safety and protection, their platform holds an ISO/IEC 27001 certification which provides the highest international standards and requirements for the management of information security.

They also integrated best-in-class tools for Responsible Gaming, allowing clients and partners to ensure the fairness of their operations and safeguard against problem gambling amongst players, as well as tools to identify the misuse of iGaming platforms like cases of fraud and money laundering. These tools are on top of features such as advanced BI and reporting and market-specific mechanisms in the platform (e.g., only 1 bonus per player in Sweden, auto-timer when changing product in Germany, reality checks, notifications, and statistics).

Balancing Compliance and Innovation

Commenting on their strategic approach to compliance, Dario Arruda, CEO at The Mill Adventure, shares, “Our commitment towards better and safer experiences started with the inception of our company. We strongly believe that compliance and innovation don’t necessarily need to clash — they can co-exist and even support one another.”

True to its commitment to exploring and adapting to new markets and regulations, The Mill Adventure is currently looking into licenses/certifications in different markets such as Portugal and the Netherlands in Europe, as well as the emerging iGaming market in the US. Possessing its B2B and B2C license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the Swedish Gambling Authority (Spelinspektionen), it is also fully compliant with the German Toleration Regime.