How online casino brand Frank & Fred disrupted the iGaming sphere through The Mill Adventure’s SmartLobbies

When Frank & Fred launched in 2018, their vision was simple: create a fearless brand that could break the mould of online casinos. More than three years later, this brand founded by a group of industry veterans led by Douglas Roos has reached rockstar status when it comes to merging unique entertainment and winning value for players. The key element in challenging the status quo? Their partner, platform and while-label provider The Mill Adventure (TMA).

Choosing a platform built for automation

The choice of platform can make or break an iGaming brand. Frank & Fred found their match in TMA and their market-leading platform in terms of automation and performance. With TMA’s solutions engineered to scale dynamically with its partners, Frank & Fred’s marketing operations have managed to reach an impressive growth from the Nordics, now spanning Europe, as well as North and South America.

As competitions heat up, start-ups and big players alike strive to dominate the gaming market, focusing on efforts such as offering personalized content and promotions across continuously expanding offerings. However, Frank & Fred manages to stay ahead of the game, being the first partner to test drive and leverage TMA’s SmartLobbies, helping the white-label deliver on their promise of player entertainment not found elsewhere.

Working smart with SmartLobbies

Redefining industry standards on automation, SmartLobbies transposes the concept of personalisation behind the entertainment industry’s most successful audio and video streaming services into the world of iGaming. Backed by powerful machine learning technology, SmartLobbies delivers a high degree of personalisation making sure each player gets the exact entertainment they want when they want it – minus the strenuous, manual effort often associated with personalisation.

“The underlying technology is a dream to work with. The way the systems have been built and integrated with each other allows for a great deal of automation”, shares Simon Jernström, CEO and Co-Founder of Frank & Fred. 

Frank & Fred has especially witnessed the advantage of SmartLobbies in terms of maintaining a seamless operation – always confident that their lobby is up-to-date based on real-time data and insights and nothing but the best content is showcased on their website. With the flexibility of the solution, they are also able to create customized lobbies based on various categories such as bets, RTPs, and other KPIs they are targeting to achieve.

“Any and all segments or campaigns can be used to expose the players to the most relevant content, at the right time. And with the great automation capabilities, we were able to launch an additional brand, without any extra headcounts.”

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