ISO 27001 strengthens The Mill Adventure’s commitment to security

Gaming platform obtains internationally-recognised certification to demonstrate how seriously they take security and data protection

26 August, 2019: A company that continually improves its offering and commitment to clients, gaming platform The Mill Adventure has now been awarded ISO 27001 certification. This internationally-recognised standard is one awarded to few competing platforms, giving The Mill Adventure a significant edge in the industry. 

One of the most reputable information security standards to exist, the ISO 207001 sets out the policies and procedures required to ensure all information remains secure. It provides the framework for an efficient Information Security Management System (ISMS) to guide companies into identifying, managing and reducing security risks, all under an internationally-recognised code. 

Not only does this world-renowned certification prove The Mill Adventure’s commitment to information security and the protection of their clients, it also has made the process of obtaining sought-after gaming licences faster and simpler. 

The Mill Adventure co-founder Robert Bowell said the decision to implement the ISO 27001 came from the company’s long-term strategic vision for not only security, but also best practice.

“A huge part of our mission here at The Mill Adventure is to build and deliver solutions that are robust, scalable and standard-compliant… and having the ISO 27001 is a testament to this. Our clients can be confident that we are taking every possible step to properly manage and safeguard their data. 

“As an added bonus, we also know that having the ISO 27001 allows us to gain licences and enter new regulated markets like Sweden, the UK, Switzerland, Romania and more, faster. So from the get-go, we’ve been building all our processes on top of a solid ISMS foundation to satisfy stringent security requirements. We’re essentially killing several birds with one stone, and increasing confidence in our customers at the same time.”

The newly-acquired ISO 27001 gives The Mill Adventure a significant unique selling point in the gaming industry, since it’s not something many of their competitors hold. Robert said this could be due to the fact that the accreditation process for certification became more complex the bigger the company, due to misaligned processes and overheads associated with any changes. 

“Being a small, nimble organisation allowed us to react to changes quickly and implement all processes swiftly and correctly. As a result, this has paved the way for smoother overall management of information security throughout The Mill Adventure’s organisation.

“The Mill Adventure will always strive to demonstrate our commitment to security and management of information, data protection and continuous improvement – and it’s factors like our ISO 27001 certification that prove this.”



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