Scalability to the moon (and beyond)

The Mill Adventure is the first in the iGaming industry to go completely serverless… and here’s why.

We build all our software at The Mill Adventure to be scalable… because it’s just one of the things that makes our platform unique. To put it simply, our software is built so that whether one user or a million users are using it, there is no difference or extra effort required from the developers – the software will basically scale up or down automatically, depending on the amount of users at any time. And what this means for us, is that we can keep our lean, mean, developing machine running smoothly, without the need to increase our operational overheads.


A new industry concept. 

To achieve scalability, we use serverless technologies, which is a somewhat new concept in the software industry. It’s not the only way to achieve scalability – but after much research, we decided to go ahead and be the first in our industry to use it for 100% of our needs. Serverless technologies are those where there are no servers for us to manage, and the technology is priced by usage. So that also helps us manage costing, since we only pay more if we’re scaling up. These systems are created by third parties (in our case, AWS), that we can use as we need, and they’re readily available.

As far as we’re aware, we’re the first company in the iGaming industry to be 100% serverless. Some of our competitors are using a hybrid solution, but we’ve really turned heads with our approach to things. And so far it’s worked extremely well in helping us to achieve our goals, allowing us to manage timelines and operational costs that would otherwise be unattainable. And don’t forget, this is all without upfront investments.


Working with AWS

We chose to work with AWS because not only have we had good experiences with them before, but they are industry (world!) leaders after all. So we knew they would help serve our needs without too many infrastructure providers, allowing us to remain focused and agile.

Working with AWS has definitely been interesting (and thus far, successful), particularly because we’ve been able to use their relatively new serverless technologies to adapt to what we need. Since we started with them, we’ve actually seen new concepts and components  become available for purchase – concepts that didn’t exist when we started out, and that we had to figure out on our own. It’s been a pretty cool experience to be working with our partners on things that don’t exist ‘out of the box’ yet, and again, that’s part of The Mill Adventure experience.

Earlier this year, AWS actually got in touch with us directly because they noticed we were using two of their technologies together, and they wanted to learn more about our experience with that. We were quite proud to have been noticed, since it was the Lambda Seattle team who contacted us, which included the person that created the Enhanced Fanout for the Kinesis/Lambda connection, which is a pretty big deal. We were working with what was a new technology at the time, so their team was keen to have a chat with us and learn more about what we were doing.


Achieving scale, kicking goals

The ability to have an ‘infinite’ number of users on our platform without doing any extra work is our goal – and the more we grow, the more we’re realising our accomplishment. It’s a mindset like this that is keeping The Mill Adventure unique to our competitors, and helping us offer a superior experience to our clients.

Want to learn more about The Mill Adventure’s many innovations? Get in touch and we’d be thrilled to tell you more!