Social Gaming Feature Betpool Now Certified for Sweden

Betpool by The Mill Adventure is now certified for Sweden, marking its official launch in the regulated market and enabling operators to offer the pioneering social gaming feature.

Betpool is revolutionizing the iGaming landscape by introducing a unique social dimension to what has traditionally been a solo experience. This innovative feature allows any registered player to either join an existing group or start their own, taking on the role of the captain. As group leader, the captain leads gaming sessions where members pool their funds to collectively play and win together on sports and casino games. This community-based approach not only enhances the excitement of the game but also transforms it into a shared adventure, amplifying the thrills of winning.

Additionally, with a seamless streaming function that allows a group captain to live stream sessions, any player, not just established streamers, can lead and actively engage their own iGaming communities.

“What sets Betpool apart is its ability to connect people in a way that’s never been done in the iGaming industry. It’s not just about the excitement of the game; it’s about sharing that excitement with others. Its proven track record of enhancing player engagement and retention underscores the immense value of social features in iGaming. Our partners are ready to take full advantage of offering a truly revolutionary gaming experience through Betpool to their players,” said Bjørnar Heggernes, Commercial Director at The Mill Adventure.

Betpool stands out in the market by offering a comprehensive value proposition for the entire industry. It cultivates a community for players while enhancing player engagement, loyalty, and retention for operators. Game studios gain new channels to showcase their games, whereas streamers find fresh avenues for content creation and audience growth.

Betpool is one of the flagship features of The Mill Adventure’s iGaming platform, which is licensed and certified across multiple jurisdictions, including Sweden, Germany, Malta, and Romania, with platform certifications for the Netherlands and Georgia.