The Mill Adventure is born

And it’s not called ‘The Adventure’ for nothing

And so it begins. Four colleagues take the leap into developing and growing our own company – and this will be unlike any company we’ve worked at before. We have a vision for this unique venture, we have all the right talent, and we have the drive to create something innovative and new.


What is The Mill Adventure?

Founded by ex-colleagues Dario Arruda, Dominic Watson, João Dias and Robert Bowell, The Mill Adventure is a complete gaming platform, including licences and operations, for rapid deployment and success in iGaming. We’re building a platform with the intent of automating and scaling as much possible, but in the most effective way possible.

We’re all veterans of the iGaming industry, and we’ve all seen what works and what doesn’t. We’ve also been lucky enough to gather an expert team, each member with their own superpower, to help us grow and succeed with what we know is already a superior platform.

For us, scaling is key. We’re running completely in AWS (Amazon Web Services) and we don’t have a single physical server. We’re actually the first in the industry to do this… and we’ve now made it possible for ourselves to scale to the moon, without limits.  We’re going to be as successful as the biggest operators, but with a leaner team and the ability to deliver even faster.

We’re doing things a little differently from how we’ve worked and what we’ve seen before, and this is going to be our biggest challenge. All of the technology we’re proposing to use is new – and we’re also having to make our own mistakes. But these are challenges we can overcome, and we know with the right team, we can raise the bar for the industry and make a name for The Mill Adventure.


What is The Mill Adventure not?

After working in previous iGaming companies, we’ve all got our pain points, and inspiration for what The Mill Adventure will not become.

First of all, while we will grow as a team, we’re going to strive to not become a huge team becoming bogged down in bureaucracy. That’s the moment that innovation and efficiency stop, since the process becomes so drawn out with overheads. We created The Mill Adventure to get away from that culture, so we can confidently say that we’ll be running our joint differently.

Working as developers in previous companies, we also noticed the amount of languages and teams meant that departments couldn’t share tooling or knowledge between teams like frontend and backend. So this time, we’re using a single language: TypeScript.

Maybe one of the most important things is that as a young and small company, you’ll never hear the words, “well, we’ve always done it this way” here. Innovation and experimentation is key to our success, and we’re encouraging our team to try new things as well as think of more efficient ways to do things. And part of that is also having the right team behind us: we’re only hiring people we know that we need to succeed. Rather than filling roles, we’re gathering right people for the job.


Where does The Mill Adventure start?

Our first project is Frank & Fred, who we’ll be going live with on both SGA and MGA licences. A quirky and popular brand, we couldn’t be happier to kick things off with their team, and we know they’ll be the first of many to join the platform.

The thing to know about us is that we’re not just another platform for run-of-the-mill white labels. We’re collaborating with creators and innovators who want to shake the industry up with new concepts and features. And this is why we’re so excited to begin – because even we don’t know what we could dream up over time!