TMA Partners with SlotCatalog for a More Powerful, Metadata-Driven Personalization Feature

The Mill Adventure (TMA) shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to building the future of personalization in iGaming. Through a partnership with SlotCatalog, TMA has upgraded their AI-driven SmartLobbies feature with enhanced metadata and game tags. Read on to find out why metadata matters for successful personalization and how casino managers can use game tags to create unique lobbies in an instant, as well as themed tournaments!

Deliver more meaningful game recommendations

Content that is not just curated meaningfully but also accurately resonates with players’ unique interests can contribute to higher player engagement and greater loyalty. However, any effort towards personalization can fall short without the right metadata. That is why for their latest SmartLobbies update, TMA found the perfect partner in SlotCatalog, one of the leading platforms for iGaming information catering to players, casino operators, and game developers. SlotCatalog’s database features over 20,000 games and around 1000 unique tags which act as, simply put, a filtering system for specific games. TMA harnesses this rich resource to improve the quality of metadata in their internal game catalog. Optimized metadata and game tags mean increased relevance and higher accuracy for TMA’s machine learning-powered recommendation engine — the same way popular streaming platforms personalize their content.

 Get creative with game tags

TMA also introduces the use of game tags as a new, effortless way of creating unique casino lobbies using their SmartLobbies feature. Using the new function, casino managers can easily choose from an extensive list of game tags, from colors and characters to genres and themes. In just a few clicks, any online casino can have a lobby featuring all games that fall under the tags selected. Think of all the creative campaigns and promotions possible such as Valentine’s Day lobby for February that can instantly be created just by selecting the tags “love” or “heart”! As always, TMA’s AI models personalize every lobby created, making sure players are presented only with the most relevant content.


TMA SmartLobbies New Game Tags Function
TMA enhances metadata and introduces a new game tags function to SmartLobbies.


Similarly, TMA’s tournament tool features the use of tags. Now, online casinos can execute their creative ideas for themed tournaments throughout the year just by selecting relevant tags, from New Year to the holidays — all without any additional effort. Furthermore, online casinos can choose a personalized ranking for their tournaments. With this option, tournament games are presented in an order that is most relevant and compelling for the players — according to data such as games they engage with the most.

Fed Havlovskyi, Co-founder & Executive Manager of SlotCatalog, shares about the collaboration, “SlotCatalog is a leading affiliate site with the biggest database of casino games. We are happy to share our data with modern and innovative platform developer The Mill Adventure, and glad to share a common vision and belief in the importance of a data-driven approach. I am sure that this data partnership will bring substantial benefits for both companies and help us build even more unique services for our customers and players.”

Bjørnar Heggernes, Head of Gaming at The Mill Adventure, adds, “With SmartLobbies, our team is always working on pushing the limits of personalization. Through our partnership with SlotCatalog, we are able to take advantage of quality data for our clients and partners to create a variety of unique lobbies, and at the same time, offer players more relevant content.”